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     The articles currently displayed on the website were written around 5 years ago by students we hired. There are directions on how students can join our team today down below.

     STUDENT REPORTER DIRECTIONS ~ If you want to be a reporter, ask your parents first (if you are a student in 12th grade or below). If they say yes, have them contact us by email/text using the information at the bottom of this page. All news articles submitted for publishing are edited when needed. The student creator of the content is always anonymous. Except for College Students since we give them the option of posting their picture and profile. Parents (or Teachers) can email anonymous content, email to

     Become an Anonymous Fact Reporter for The Houston Post News. Fact Reporters create their news articles by choosing any section from our "Category Options" page. The best way to choose an option is by rolling dice. Google; “Dice Roller” and choose 2 of the blue 6 sided Dice. Start by rolling them 3 times. If they add up to an 11 or 12, roll again. Those don't apply. If they add up to a 10, count that as a 1. If they add up to a 9, count that as a 0. If they add up 2-8, keep each of those numbers. Example: I rolled an 11 (it didn't count), I rolled a 2 (keep it). I rolled an 8 (keep it). I rolled a 7 (keep it). My random selection was "287". Now, I go to the "Category Options" button found on the website. I scroll down through the categories until I see the number "287". It reads: "287-Coupons-Entertainment-Bowling". If I was a 3rd Grader, I would have to write 3 Fact Sentences about Bowling. I could write about the special shoes you have to wear. Maybe how wide the lanes are or maybe how you must have a Handicap Parking spot out front. If I were in 4th grade, I would write 4 Facts. 1st Grade, 1 Fact. Kindergarten, 2 words. Pre-K, 1 word. To draw the picture, Google; “Bowling Clip Art”. Draw and Color a medium-sized Picture on notebook paper. Parents, email the student's Anonymous Sentences and Pictures to Thx.

     STUDENT MUSICIAN DIRECTIONS ~ Musicians of all ages may send music files from and include (but are not limited to) singers, marching band members, orchestra members, complete bands, or anyone with musical talent. To get a file published, you must learn one of the songs on our website and email us a recording of you performing (music files only, no videos). You can play with our karaoke version in the background of your performance or create your version from scratch. Be sure to stay in tune with our music files.

     Ok, that's all we can think of for now. Have fun watching the website get better and better every week and thanks for subscribing,

The Post Staff.

     P.S. Adult subscribers can post pictures of themselves with their animals etc. on our "Letters to the Editor" page. We also encourage the subscribers to write a note to "All of the Students" attached with their photos.



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