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     ďWe are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habitĒ - Aristotle
     Whatís up. I am Dorrisia (the last i is silent), born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Dallas, Texas. I know what people are thinking. No, not all Dallas people are as snooty and arrogant as some Houstonians may think. Iím pretty cool. Well, thatís what I tell myself (self-motivation).
     I am a student, but not only am I a student, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin and a conqueror. Iím furthering my education at Lone Star College by pursuing a bachelorís in Mass Communication, Public Relations and Film. It was not easy trying to figure out who and what I wanted to become; all I knew was I wanted to make a difference in this world by helping others with their worldly perspective. I have faced many trails in my life. The truth is, in my time of troubles, good has always been the outcome because I am an optimist. One thing Iíve learned is to surround myself with positive and encouraging people. It really makes a difference. The other step I take is to focus on doing the things I love to do.
     As you can see, at the beginning of my profile, I quoted Aristotle, the great philosopher. Yes, I am a sucker for great philosophy, poetry or whatever you want to name it and to tell the truth. My love for philosophy has just recently begun to bloom. I took a philosophy class over the summer and it wormed its way into my heart without my realizing it. I was so impressed with the wisdom in the writing. It was a great feeling to discover I could relate to such deep philosophies I had never considered before.
     I also have a love for art; all kinds of art. I express myself through communication, writing, painting, drawing and fashion. I have always used art as an outlet to set my mind free. I am only just now learning how to take a chance on myself and express myself more freely. In the past, Iíve always been afraid to expose myself to others for fear of being rejected, but not anymore. Now I have this great opportunity to overcome the fear which prevented me from showing my true potential. ďGame On!Ē


     Some say dogs are a manís best friend, which is soooooo not true. I think dogs are best friends to anyone who cares for them and loves them. It doesnít matter if their master is male or female (lol)! I know the saying is meant to be gender neutral so please know I was just using a play on words. Dogs can bring joy and happiness to all the homes in which they live, and cats can do the same (for all those who prefer cats). When I was younger, I had a cat named Mr. Shivers, and he acted as if he were a dog. I remember Mr. Shivers would come into my room and lick my face to wake me up for school when my mother told him to do so. (Cats tongues are rough too). If you are looking to make good memories with a new friend, there are tons of animals in shelters that need good homes and families to love and care for them. If you can, please adopt.
     Call your nearest animal shelter and they will gladly help you find a pet to add to your family. It could be the most amazing thing your family has ever done. It was for mine.



     EVERYONE LOVES ART! (Okay, not everyone loves art so let me begin again.) WHO LOVES ART? If you are second guessing your love for art then let me help you understand why I love it. What is art? ITíS A CREATION PARTY! You, I, and everyone can create art. All you need is just a little imagination. I remember when I was about 6 years old I would catch myself doodling on my handouts. I then looked back at all of the old handouts from the previous week and saw drawings of stars, hearts, little people and flowers. I do not know why my teacher never talked to me about the doodling. However, I do believe she knew how much drawing helped ease my mind, which in return, helped me earn good grades.
     The reason for me telling my story is to let everyone know how my random doodling turned into a love for drawing and painting. Art is such a beautiful way of setting your mind free from the things happening in your life. If you liked my story and would love to learn more about art, ask your parents to take you to the Museum of Fine Arts for your birthday. You will enjoy seeing all of the amazing things artists have doodled.
     For more information on all the fun things happening throughout each and every week right here in this great city, go to


     Do you see yourself as an actress, singer, dancer, or even a goofy person who loves to make people laugh? Well, I have news for all my wonderful friends who thought that art was just about drawing and painting. Theater is another form of art called Performing Arts! Itís an amazing way to express your feelings through physical actions, like moving and talking.
     Fearlessness is the word; learn it, believe it, love it but most of all, embrace it. Being fearless is necessary to stand in front of a crowd and demand their attention by performing a story told by using physical and verbal actions.
     There was a time I had to do this. I remember the experiences as if it were yesterday. I was in front of the class performing my monologue. I was so scared, my palms were sweating and my hands were trembling. For all you boys out there, youíll know exactly how I felt because youíll feel that way the day you propose to your girlfriend. I donít remember the name of my monologue (it was so long ago), but I do remember getting up on stage. Just like that, it was over. When I looked out at the audience, which were my friends and other students. Some were crying and all were clapping. If I can do it, anyone can. Just believe in yourself and perform like thereís no one watching.
     If youíre the kind of person who likes watching awesome performances such as musicals, dance shows or concerts, you would enjoy the Miller Outdoor Theater at Herman Park. And guess what? It is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
     You can also ask your parents to take you to see a musical for your birthday at the Hobby Center Houston.
     More info call 281-Free-fun









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